Ronit LeMon

Authenticity and Personal Development Coaching

Ronit LeMon has been coaching, teaching, facilitating and mentoring for close to 30 years. She has lectured at the university, guided educators on international trips, developed conferences for doctors, run groups for children and teens, facilitated cacao ceremonies and led retreats in wild nature. She works with people who are willing to dive deep to find their essential selves...and are willing to work to stand in that place of authenticity in everything they do. A deep diver herself, Ronit has an MA in Teaching Writing, studied coaching at CTI, DreamWork with Bill Plotkin and the Animus Institute and regularly conducts rituals and ceremonies designed to create a warm and inviting space for self-exploration, love and acceptance...all while doing the challenging work of change and growth.

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Working with Ronit means that you will bring forth your motivation, values and dreams into your pageant and into your life. It's opening the door to a vibrancy that sets you apart from others. Ronit knows that authenticity is incredibly attractive. In fact, it's a show stopper.

And she walks her talk. She is currently in CA and moving to CT to live in her values of community, connection and partnering with others to help the world. Ronit loves the poetry of David Whyte, the music of Stevie Nicks and the moon.

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