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Interview Coaching

Did you know that communication is 55% visual, 38% vocal, and 7% verbal? If you want to have the greatest impact possible onstage and in the interview room, you must master each of these three categories. LZR Coaching actually started primarily as an interview coaching agency, back when Levi was doing it all by himself. Our curriculum and mock interviews incorporate the best knowledge from the fields of psychology, public speaking, acting, and even politics. We can’t promise interview coaching with us will be easy, but it will be transformative.

Levi Roseman

Interview and Current Events Coach

Emily Sterling

Walk/Pose, Talent, Paperwork, and General Pageant Consultant

Modeling, Talent, and Paperwork

When the judges see you, listen to, and read your paperwork, what do you want them to think? Should they think “This contestant is good” or “This contestant is impressive”? Neither. The judges should think “This contestant is AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, and UNFORGETTABLE.” You can achieve this type of lasting impression, but you must make sure that your walk, your talent, your paperwork, and your overall aura all stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re interesting in coaching for your walk, your talent, your paperwork, or all three, Emily will lead you to a stand-out performance.

Performance and Personal Development Coaching

If you want to transform how you perform in all aspects of your pageant, you must clearly define your goals. Coaching with Dr. Lori will provide accountability and support to help you develop as a contestant and as a performer. Whether you want to overcome nerves about your interview, or whether you want to perform more confidently during your talent showcase, development coaching with LZR Coaching will help you define and achieve your dreams.

Dr. Lori LaCivita

Performance and Development Coach

Ronit LeMon

Authenticity and Personal Development Coaching

Authenticity and Personal Development Coaching

Sometimes the most advanced pageant contestants come across as too scripted. To overcome this barrier, tap into your most authentic self. Working with Ronit means that you will bring forth your motivation, values and dreams into your pageant and into your life. It's opening the door to a vibrancy that sets you apart from others. Ronit knows that authenticity is incredibly attractive. In fact, it's a show stopper.

Ronit LeMon

Authenticity and Personal Development Coaching

Vocal coaching

Actor Eliska Hahn helps you refine your voice for speaking and singing performances of your dreams.

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