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What Does a Pageant Interview Coach Do?

Golly, what do I do?

At the highest level I help high-achieving pageant girls win their interviews.

At a more granular level the 3 COMPELLINGS: Compelling Vision, Compelling Communication, and a Compelling Plan.

Now, outside of all of this, I also provide a very select service to a very select group of clients

Basically along my own "Pageant Journey" I've had to grow and be flexible. . .I first started out thinking I would be the "Political Pageant Coach" but I quickly realized pageant contestants need much more than just political knowledge, and some pageant systems don't require political knowledge at all!

So I had to adapt. I realized that non-verbal communication skills were something that ALL pageant contestants needed (in addition to verbal, or word-based, communication). So, "Compelling Communication" became the basis of everything I taught, and I still think that Compelling Communication is the most important thing I teach to most pageant girls.

Compelling Communication is broken down into the three V's of communication: Visual Communication (how we use Visual elements like body language and facial expressions), Vocal Communication (how we use the sounds of our voice) and Verbal Communication (how we use words to communicate). It's hard to believe, but Visual Communication accounts for 55% of all communication. And Vocal Communication accounts for 38% of communication. Sooooo. . .93% of all communication comes from Visual and Vocal Communication--it has nothing to do with the words that we say!!! The best tip I could give you: find your favorite titleholder or your favorite leader (I love doing this with politicians) and find a video of her/him speaking. Hit the mute button and just watch how they use their body language, facial expressions, etc. Model them, and you'll be WELL on your way to communication mastery. It's hard to tell you just how powerful Compelling Communication has been for my clients. I've seen timid, flat communicators turn into compelling, captivating, exciting communicators in a matter of minutes (or in a matter of months, depending on how hard they worked). I go super in-depth into each of these all-important categories of communication in my "Pageant Interview Secrets" course, but I can tell you more about that later.

As I worked with more and more contestants I also learned that pageant contestants faced other problems. For instance, some contestants just sounded so uninspired and uninspiring. So I knew I had to use some Personal Development tactics (self-help, life-hacks, whatever you want to call them, lol.) to help pageant girls really identify what drives them, what inspires them, so that they can inspire others (namely the judges!). I've had a couple clients say "Levi, I feel like you're my therapist!" I don't know how I feel about that, but it happened nonetheless!

Then, I realized that a Compelling Vision is great, and Compelling Communication is awesome, but if you don't have a compelling plan to actually achieve your vision and radically improve your communication over time, then you'll simply stagnate as a contestant; you won't achieve your full potential. So, I had to develop tactics (sometimes "homework") to help contestants identify the most EFFECTIVE strategy to achieve their goals and then identify the most EFFICIENT tactics to stay focused and disciplined to always be progressing toward those goals.

P.S. - remember how I said my main mission is to help high-achieving pageant girls win their interview? Well, if you identify as high-achieving and if you're goal is to win your interview, I run a Private FREE Facebook group called "Interview Queens" for high-achieving pageant girls just like you to help you learn all of these techniques and to help you surround yourself with like-minded achievers ready to support and challenge you.

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